Coaching and Facilitation

Coaching and Facilitation

We thrive on sharing our experiences in groups and in 1-1 engagements. We are excellent mentors for people who want to become better practitioners of design, research and strategy.

Learn how to fish for yourself. We all process information differently. Our goal is to provide hands-on discovery as soon as possible by creating safe environments for exploration, real-time decision-making, and skills development. Our learning experiences have immediate and sustainable impact for participants today and well into the future.

Coaching and facilitation varies by case. Here are some of the ways we help individuals and organizations:


An expert from the outside can have a significant impact on your organization. We come in to educate, build consensus towards a new direction and to accelerate change. Our facilitations encourage honesty and collaborative action. Examples include BNP Paribas, CCA, Institute for Creative Integration, PCRC, Toyota.

Hands On Learning Experiences and Field Trip Organization:

There is no substitute for learning in the field. Our customized experiences are designed for participants to take-away new perspectives, inspiration, and motivation. Examples include Best Buy, BNP Paribas, CCA, Institute for Creative Integration, Toyota.

Individual Engagements:

Clients and teams learn in different ways. People are unique and their needs change over time. Sometimes the preference is to hire an expert to “do” the work and other scenarios lend themselves better to ongoing coaching and mentoring. Michele and her team offer both. Referrals and samples are available by request.

Team Building and Professional Workshops:

Employee engagement regularly reminds us about the importance of strong team dynamics and the recognition of hard work and diversity. Our team building activities are designed to appreciate, reward and inspire your team to succeed. A variety of topics, formats and exercises build stronger relations, overcome hurdles and identify opportunities. Referrals and samples are available by request.

Design Incubation and Training (new teams):

Building a new department, revamping an existing one, or partnering with an outside design firm can be daunting. We will collaborate with you to build teams that understand design and business- led innovation, work in a variety of engagement models, and consistently provide exceptional work. Referrals and samples are available by request.

Want to establish sound, repeatable, research or design processes?

We can help you.