Michele Ronsen...

is an executive with more than twenty years of experience in Fortune 500s, academia, and start-ups. Her earliest memory is of driving down the highway with her father. He asked her to look at a McDonald’s sign – the quintessential golden arches. He then asked her to draw what she thought the gear inside the sign (that made it spin) looked like. She was three years old.

A professionally trained graphic designer, Michele worked at top design firms before moving to Nordstrom to develop several private label brands, packaging and merchandising systems. At Nordstrom, she built two creative teams from the ground up. From there she built a career helping numerous companies and non-profits strategically design and grow their businesses.

In 2010, Michele founded Ronsen Consulting, a design and strategy firm specialized in human-centered research and development. Together with her team of experts, Michele offers full-service and a la carte solutions that help businesses grow on time and within budget.

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Industry experience includes:

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