Crowd-Sourcing Design-Related Terms


Hi Everyone, I have a list of 100 UX/UI/UXR/Design-related terms that often confuse people. I'm looking for several volunteers to help define by them by crowd-sourcing. My thinking is that we would all benefit from a shared vocabulary and our teammates and clients would reap the benefits as well!


1. I'm thinking of dividing the list of 100 into 4 or 5 smaller lists of 20-25 terms. Then gathering feedback from small groups of people in a Google doc, for a week or so, until they are fleshed out. I originally thought of a wiki but that doesn't seem very viable right now. Anyone have a better suggestion?

2. Are you interested in defining one or more terms? Taking a first pass at a term (or twenty)? Adding to the list of 100? GREAT! Please add your email address below, send me a DM, or email me at and we'll go from there!

OTHER THOUGHTS: I'm interested in people contributing that represent various experience levels. This will create a richer experience and provide an opportunity for new practitioners to learn from more established talent as the definitions unfold, and vice versa.

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