WOWZERS! Crowdsourcing UX/UI/UXR Design Terms


“Hi Everyone,” I wrote four weeks ago on LinkedIn and in a Google Group, “I have a list of 100 UX/UI/UXR/Design-related terms that often confuse people. I'm looking for several volunteers to help define by them by crowdsourcing.”

The response was AMAZING.

53 people volunteered from around the globe. We divided into five groups, each with a leader. The list swelled to 150 terms. By last Friday, after only 7 days, 100 terms had been defined. Then we played “Musical Terms” with the 50 that remained.

Language matters. The terms we use can be super confusing. If we don’t speak the same language, it's enormously difficult to work together. And precision is extremely important!

Plus, there’s a big difference in how applied and academic research professionals communicate. I hope to create an effective bridge having both on this project.

True confession: I’m blown away we exceeded the goal in our original 10-day timeframe. I’ve never crowdsourced anything and it's been a truly magical experience. Participant feedback is SO positive.

My post also said “my thinking is that we would all benefit from a shared vocabulary and our teammates and clients would reap the benefits as well!”

We're on our way thanks to the many contributors below.

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