Checklist to Launch a Study


I’m drafting a checklist for my General Assembly students to assess their own readiness to launch a user research study. Looking for input from people who have context about what's missing, confusing, helpful to add/remove, clarify etc.

  1. Do I know the business-driven reason to conduct this study?

  2. Which performance metric does this research tie into, specifically?

  3. Do I understand how the learnings will inform current and future business decision-making and when the learnings will be applied?

  4. Am I clear on the big questions, goals and assumptions?

  5. Are my stakeholders with business impact included and significantly invested?

  6. Am I clear on who will support the project, in what capacity, and when?

  7. Have I gathered the information and past learnings related to the topic that already exist?

  8. Is the timeline, budget and resource allocation aligned with the overall approach and the format and timing of the expected deliverables?

  9. Is there a way to supplement or complement previous, current or future research?

  10. Are there any specific client or participant cultural considerations?

  11. Am I asking the right people the right questions, in the right way?

  12. What are the biggest risks and how can I mitigate them?

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